Redefining the term Independent Artist

The Kafesol Productions Label, hosts the artist network and directory and featured directory

Websites designed to showcase the independent artist  within the growing music community.

The model for making and selling music that dominated the twentieth century is now deemed obsolete. Independent music artists now have the tools at their disposal that were once held in the hands of a few corporate moguls. It’s no longer about the power of one individual; instead it’s about the power of many individuals.

Never before has mankind wielded such access to profound tools that connect the world.

The irony is that the corporate music model has encroached upon this new paradigm, so that there is still a need in the marketplace for a network unwaveringly dedicated to the independent approach.

It is our purpose at GiGhive and KafeSol to strive to be at the forefront of a this new and emerging type of artist. Being one in the same, we hope to blaze a new trail as we continue shift way from old and into the new...

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